Petrus Herbert

HERBERT, Petrus. b. Fulnek, Moravia, ca. 1530; d. Eibenschütz, 1571. He was educated at the Universities of Königsberg and Wittenberg. He became one of the Bohemian Brethren at Jungbunzlau: he was ordained as a priest in 1562, made a member of the Select Council in 1567, and later Consenior of the Unitas Fratrum. He was an important German-speaking figure in the early years of the Unitas Fratrum: he translated the ‘Confession’ into German in 1561. He was the Brethren’s ambassador in discussions with Jean Calvin*, and was sent by them to Tübingen to arrange for the education of the Brethren there. He was the principal compiler of the Brethren book, Kirchengeseng darinnen die Heubtartickel...

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