Verbum supernum prodiens,/ a Patre olim exiens

Verbum supernum prodiens,/ a Patre olim exiens. Latin, probably 10th century. This is found in Daniel, Thesaurus Hymnologicus I. 77, entitled ‘De Adventu Domini’, in two texts, one from a Rheinau Codex (TH IV. 144), the other from the Roman Breviary (1632), with line 2 as ‘e patris aeterno sinu’, and other variations from the original text. In Analecta Hymnica 2. 35, it is printed from a 10th-century hymnal of the Abbey of Moissac (‘Das Hymnar der Abtei Moissac’). It is found in many medieval manuscripts and Breviaries, and in an 11th-century MS at Durham (see Milfull, Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, Cambridge, 1996, pp. 184-6), where it is entitled ‘Ymnus ad Nocturnam’. It was prescribed...

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