The Heavenly Word proceeding forth

The Heavenly Word proceeding forth. Thomas Aquinas* (ca.1224/5- 1274), translated by John Mason Neale* (1818-1866) and Edward Caswall* (1814-1878). The Latin hymn begins ‘Verbum supernum prodiens, nec Patris linquens dexteram’*. It was modelled on the Advent hymn, probably of the 10th century, ‘Verbum supernum prodiens,/ a Patre olim exiens’*. Aquinas’s hymn was written in 1263 for the Office of Corpus Christi (Frost, 1962, pp. 342-3). It was included in a translation by Neale and Caswall by the compilers of the Appendix (1868) to the First Edition of A&M. The text was as follows: Verbum supernum prodiens          The Heavenly Word proceeding forth, nec Patris linquens dexteram,...

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