O Lord, who by Thy presence hast made light

O Lord, who by Thy presence hast made light. Karl Johann Philipp Spitta* (1801-1859), translated by Richard Massie* (1800-1887).  This is a translation of Spitta’s ‘Herr, des Tages Mühen und Beschwerden’*. It was published in Massie’s Lyra Domestica: Christian Songs for Domestic Edification (1860), with the title, ‘Evening’:  O Lord, who by Thy presence hast made light  The heat and burden of the toilsome day,Be with me also in the silent night,  Be with me when the daylight fades away.As Thou hast given me strength upon the way,  So deign at evening to become my guest,As Thou hast shared the labours of the day,  So also deign to share and bless my rest.  No step disturbs me, not a sound...

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