Lyra Britannica (1867)

Lyra Britannica (1867)  Among the many published works of Charles Rogers* was Lyra Britannica (1867), described as being ‘by the Rev Charles Rogers. LL.D.’ (the degree had been conferred by Columbia College, New York, in 1853). It was a large anthology of hymns and sacred songs, arranged alphabetically by author, from Sarah Flower Adams* to Andrew Young*. There was an Appendix of 18 hymns, including hymns by Jane Crewdson* (‘Mrs. Crewdson’), Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon* (‘The Countess of Huntingdon’), Martin Madan*, and Mrs. Madan (mother of Martin), followed by some anonymous hymns, or those where Rogers thought the authorship was uncertain (including ‘All people that on earth...

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