Go forward, Christian soldier

Go forward, Christian soldier. Lawrence Tuttiett* (1825-1897).  First published in eight 4-line stanzas in Tuttiett’s Counsels of a Godfather (1861) (JJ, p. 430). JJ noted that it was based on Exodus 14: 15, and some hymnbooks have followed this reference. The words ‘go forward’ certainly conclude that verse; but the hymn that follows owes more to the ‘Order of Baptism for those of riper years’ in the Book of Common Prayer, in which each is urged to ‘continue Christ’s faithful soldier and servant unto his [her] life’s end.’ In most hymnals it is printed in four 8-line stanzas: Go forward, Christian soldier! Beneath his banner true: The Lord Himself, thy Leader, Shall all thy foes...

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