Iste confessor domini sacratus

Iste confessor domini sacratus. Latin, ca. 8th century. This hymn for the Common of a Confessor is found in many of the monastic breviaries (Sarum, York, Aberdeen, and the Mozarabic and Roman Breviaries). A text from the Moissac hymnal is found in Analecta Hymnica 2. 77 (no 101) (cf. AH 51. 134, no 118). Milfull (Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, pp. 403-5) prints it with the title ‘Ymnus de uno confessore’, noting that it is anonymous and written in Sapphic metre. The text is given in Daniel, Thesaurus Hymnologicus I. 248-9 (a different hymn to St Severus, beginning ‘Iste confessor nobis intercessor’ is at TH I. 322). The Sapphic metre was followed in the best known translation, ‘He whose...

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