Eleonore Reuss

REUSS, Eleonore (née Gräfin [Countess] zu Stolberg-Werningerode). b. Gedern am Vogelsberg, Hesse, 20 February 1835; d. Schloss Ilsenberg, near Bad Harzburg, 18 September 1903. She came from a distinguished family, and married into an even more distinguished one, marrying (1855) Prince Heinrich Reuss LXXIV. It was his second marriage: he was 27 years older than she. They had five children. She was a close friend of Marie Nathusius (1817-1857), wife of the editor of Volksblatt(es) für Stadt und Land, Philipp Nathusius (1815-1872), in which a few of Princess Reuss’s  poems appeared. She lived a life of piety and privilege, with a particular concern for the poor. She published two collections...

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