As water to the thirsty

As water to the thirsty. Timothy Dudley-Smith* (1926- ). According to its author, this text, written at Bramerton, Norfolk, in February 1975, ‘owes more to Simon and Garfunkel’s classic phrase of the 1960s, “Bridge over troubled water”, than it does to Emma [Frances] Bevan*’s “As the bridegroom to his chosen”*’ (A House of Praise, 2003, p. 435). Although some ‘unconscious plagiarism’ of the latter has been suggested, Dudley-Smith points to substantial differences between the two; he felt the need of a new hymn ‘based on similes’. For almost every line there are Scriptural parallels, many from the Psalms but concluding with more than a hint of the prodigal son. The words appeared first...

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