When you prayed beneath the trees

When you prayed beneath the trees. Christopher Martin Idle* (1938- ). Written in July 1990 at Oakley, Suffolk, at the request of Paul Wigmore*, who was looking for new words to the traditional Scottish melody, KELVINGROVE, and for new texts on the cross. It was published with the tune in Worship Songs, Ancient and Modern (1992). It is found in Sing Glory (1999) and Praise! (2000). In addition to sources in the four Gospels, the hymn refers to the ‘tree’ theme as found in Acts 5: 30, Galatians 3: 13, and 1 Peter 2: 24. The hymn now has a tune by John Barnard*, WIDFORD, to which the author has been ‘completely won over’ after an initial reluctance to lose KELVINGROVE. JRW (information...

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