When morning gilds the skies (Bridges)

When morning gilds the skies (Bridges). Robert Bridges* (1844-1930). This is a translation, or free paraphrase, of the German hymn ‘Beim frühen Morgenlicht’, previously translated by Edward Caswall*. Caswall’s translation is annotated separately. The present translation was made by Bridges for the Yattendon Hymnal* (1899), beginning with the same lines. Bridges described the hymn, presumably in its German form, as ‘of great merit’, adding ‘I have tried to give a better version of it than the current one , keeping the original metre, and preserving the first lines of the old translation [Caswall’s], since it is by them that the hymn is known’ (quoted in Herl et al., Volume 1, p. 1214, note...

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