Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing

Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing. Howard Charles Adie Gaunt* (1902-1983).  This three-stanza hymn was written during Gaunt’s time as Precentor of Winchester Cathedral, and first published in 100 Hymns for Today (100HfT, 1969), the first A&M supplement to A&MR (1950), later incorporated into A&MNS (1983). The words ‘rise up’ in line 1, and the reference to the Eucharist in stanza 1 line 5 suggest that this was intended as a post-Communion hymn. In 100HfT it was entitled ‘Into the world’, which is echoed in stanza 3 line 1: ‘Send us forth alert and living’.  The hymn continued in use in A&MCP (2000) but was dropped from A&MRW. In the USA it was included in H82 and the...

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