O Son of God, in Galilee

O Son of God, in Galilee. Anna Hoppe* (1889-1941).  This hymn is often printed with the first line as ‘O thou who once in Galilee’. It was published in The Northwestern Lutheran (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1928), with the title ‘Jesus, the Great Physician’. It also appeared in Hoppe’s Songs for the Church Year (Rock Island, Illinois, 1928), and in an altered version in the American Lutheran Hymnal (Columbus, Ohio, 1930), headed ‘For the Deaf Mute’ (Companion to LSB, 2019, Volume 1, pp. 1287-89, note to Hymn 841) (‘Deaf mute’ would now be replaced by ‘deaf and unable to speak’).  Hoppe’s heading in the American Lutheran Hymnal refers particularly to the first and third stanzas:  O thou who once...

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