O for the robes of whiteness

O for the robes of whiteness. Charitie Lees De Chenez* (1841-1923). According to JJ, p. 109, this was published in Within the Veil, by C.L.S. [Charitie Lees Smith, her maiden name] (1867), but this has not been verified. It has also been stated that it was published in leaflet form in 1860. It was certainly printed in Lyra Britannica (1867), edited by Charles Rogers, where it was entitled ‘Heavenly Anticipations’. Philip Schaff*, who printed it in Christ in Song (New York, 1869), described it as ‘a favorite in Sunday Schools in England’ (JJ agreed).  It had six stanzas: Oh for the robes of whiteness!     Oh for the tearless eyes! Oh for the glorious brightness    Of the unclouded skies!  Oh...

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