Lutheran hymns and hymnals, USA

Immigration and Organization Danish Lutherans came to Hudson Bay in 1619 with Rasmus Jensen (d. 1620) and probably Den danske Psalmebog (Copenhagen, 1569) of Hans Thomissøn (1532-73) (see Danish hymnody*). Within a year they died or returned home. Lutherans from the Netherlands came to New York City in 1623. In 1657 when Johannes Gutwasser (fl. 1650s) led services, he was arrested by the Reformed authorities and in 1659 sent home. Swedish Lutherans came in 1638 to the Delaware River with multiple copies of Den Upsala Psalmboken (Upsala, 1622) of Olavus Petri (1493-1552) and later Then Swenska Psalmboken (Stockholm, 1695) of Jesper Svedberg (1653-1735) (Schalk, 1995, pp. 31-7). Germans, the...

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