I would commune with Thee, my God

I would commune with Thee, my God. George Burden Bubier* (1823-1869). First published in Hymns and Sacred Songs for Sunday-schools and Social Worship (Manchester, 1855), edited by Bubier himself with George MacDonald* and Charles MacDonald (1823-1905). It was dated ‘February 2nd, 1854’. It had four stanzas: I would commune with Thee, my God,  E’en to Thy seat I come;I leave my joys, I leave my sins,  And seek in Thee my home. I stand upon the mount of God;   With sunlight in my soul; I hear the storms in vales beneath,   I hear the thunders roll. But I am calm with Thee, my God,  Beneath these glorious skies;And to the height on which I stand,  Nor storms nor clouds can rise. O this...

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