Hosanna to the living Lord

Hosanna to the living Lord. Reginald Heber* (1783-1826).  This was first printed in the Christian Observer in October 1811 (JJ, p. 535). It was revised for Heber’s Hymns written and adapted to the Weekly Church Service of the Year (1827), published after his untimely death by his widow Amelia. It was the first of two hymns for Advent Sunday, and thus the first hymn in the book. It had five stanzas in 1827:  Hosanna to the living Lord! Hosanna to the incarnate Word! To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King, Let earth, let heaven, Hosanna sing! Hosanna! Lord! Hosanna in the highest!  Hosanna, Lord! Thine angels cry; Hosanna, Lord! Thy saints reply; Above, beneath us, and around, The dead and living...

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