Awake, and sing the song

Awake, and sing the song. William Hammond* (1719-1783). From Hammond’s Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs (1745), where it had 13 verses. These were shortened and altered by successive 18th-century editors, including George Whitefield*, Martin Madan* and Augustus Montague Toplady* and further revised by William John Hall* for the ‘Mitre’ hymn book of 1836 and by the editors for Church Hymns of 1871 (for full details of the textual alterations see JJ, pp.100-101). A complete text is in Lyra Britannica (1867), edited by Charles Rogers. Madan’s version was used in a five-verse text in the Anglican Hymn Book (1965). Congregationalists have used a composite text of six verses since the New...

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