Yasushige Imakoma

IMAKOMA, Yasushige. b. Tokyo, 10 March 1926; d. Tokyo, 2013. Imakoma is the author of the hymn ‘Mikotoba o kudasai’ in transliterated Japanese. The English paraphrase, ‘Send your Word’*, was prepared by Nobuaki Hanaoka* and set to music by Shōzō Koyama*. Imakoma became a Christian after World War II in the aftermath of Japan’s defeat. He began his studies at the Seminary for Rural Ministry in 1952, continuing his theological training at Japan Biblical Seminary. He began his ministry in a congregation in Kawasaki. In 1968 he devoted himself to the ministry for the blind, becoming head of the Japanese Association of Christian Mission to the Blind. From 1976 until 1989, he served a church in...

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