With hearts renew’d, and cleansed from guilt of sin

With hearts renew’d, and cleansed from guilt of sin.  David Thomas Morgan* (1809-1886). This is a translation of a Latin hymn, ‘Vox clarescat, mens purgetur’, dated from a manuscript in the Bibliothèque Nationale as 13th century (JJ, p. 1229). It was first published in Morgan’s Hymns of the Latin Church (1871), and included in his Hymns and other Poetry of the Latin Church, Arranged according to the Calendar of the Church of England (1880). The 1871 book was the source of the text in the Second Edition of A&M (1875), where it is found as a hymn for Trinity Sunday. The second stanza is an ingenious attempt, unequalled in all hymnody, to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity in...

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