Who at my door is standing

Who at my door is standing. Mary Bridges Canedy Slade* (1826-1882).  This hymn had four stanzas and a refrain. The refrain was:  Sweetly the tones are falling; ‘Open the door for Me!’ If thou wilt hear My calling, I will abide with thee.  The stanzas were:  Who at my door is standing, Patiently drawing near, Entrance within demanding? Whose is the voice I hear?  Refrain:  Lonely without He’s staying; Lonely within am I; While I am still delaying, Will He not pass me by?  Refrain:…  All through the dark hours dreary, Knocking again is He; Jesus, art Thou not weary, Waiting so long for me?  Refrain:…  Door of my heart, I hasten! Thee will I open wide. Though...

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