Who are these like stars appearing

Who are these like stars appearing. Heinrich Theobald Schenk* (1656-1727), translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox* (1812-1897). Schenk’s hymn, ‘Wer sind die vor Gottes Throne?’, published in Neu-Vermehrtes Gesangbuchlein (Frankfurt-am-Main, 1719), is his only known contribution to hymnody. Cox’s translation is from her Sacred Hymns from the German (1841), with the German and English printed opposite one another: Wer sind die vor Gottes Throne? Was ist das für eine Schaar? Träget jeder eine Krone, Glänzen wie die Sterne klar; Hallelujah singen All, Loben Gott mit hohem Schall. Who are these, like stars appearing, Round the throne of God I see? Each a golden crown is wearing — Who...

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