When the storms of life are raging (‘Stand by Me’)

When the storms of life are raging (‘Stand by Me’). Charles Albert Tindley* (1851–1933).   ‘Stand by Me’, as it is commonly known, is among Tindley’s most beloved and often sung hymns. Horace Clarence Boyer* called it ‘the first gospel blues composition’ (Boyer, 1995, p. 70). Similarly, Judge Jefferson Cleveland* thought that ‘Stand by Me’ was ‘Tindley’s greatest hymn [combining] the emotion of Isaac Watts . . .  with that of a Black spiritual. . . an explicit example of the use of blues modes, jazz syncopations, and avenues of improvisation’ (Cleveland and Nix, 1981, Historical Introduction, n.p.). It was among the hymns Tindley copyrighted in 1905, appearing in Soul Echoes, and later...

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