When my final farewell to the world I have said

When my final farewell to the world I have said. Marianne Farningham* (1834-1909), altered by Ira D. Sankey* (1840-1908).  Marianne Farningham was the pen-name of Mary Ann Hearn (in JJ , p. 502, she is annotated as ‘Hearn, Marianne’). In the course of the entry it is stated that this hymn appeared in The Christian World (Autumn, 1864), and in Farningham’s Poems (1865; an error for 1866. There was a Second Edition in 1869, and a Third in 1875). In this edition the first line was ‘When mysterious whispers are floating about’ (the alteration is attributed in JJ to Sankey’s Sacred Songs and Solos).  Typically, Sankey added a refrain:  Be waiting and watching, be waiting for me; Be waiting...

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