When I can read my Title clear

When I can read my title clear.  Isaac Watts* (1674-1748). From Watts’s Hymns and Sacred Poems (1707), Book II, ‘Composed on Divine Subjects’, hymn 65. It was entitled ‘The Hope of Heaven our Support under Trials on Earth’. It had four stanzas. The 1707 text was as follows: When I can read my Title clear   To Mansions in the Skies, I bid farewell to every Fear,   And wipe my weeping eyes. Should Earth against my Soul engage,   And Hellish Darts be hurl’d,, Then I can smile at Satan’s rage,   And face a frowning World. Let Cares like a wild Deluge come   And Storms of Sorrow fall, May I but safely reach my Home,   My God, my Heaven, my All. There shall I bath my weary Soul   In Seas of...

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