What sweeter music can we bring

What sweeter music can we bring. Robert Herrick (1591-1674).  From Herrick’s His Noble Numbers: or, His Pious Pieces, Wherein (amongst other things) he Sings the Birth of his Christ: and Sighes for his Saviours Suffering on the Crosse (1647). It was entitled ‘A Christmas-Carroll, sung to the King in the presence at White-Hall’, which suggests a date of composition before 1641 (the English Civil War began in 1642). The text in 1647 is divided into ‘Chor.’, followed by ‘the Song’, in irregular numbered stanzas:  Chor. What sweeter music can we bring            Than a Carol, for to sing            The Birth of this our heavenly King?            Awake the Voice! Awake the String!...

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