What service shall we render thee

What service shall we render thee. Ernest James Dodgshun* (1876-1944) Written shortly before the outbreak of World War I for inclusion on a ‘Peace Hymn Sheet’, and printed in a Supplement (1920) to the 1909 Fellowship Hymn Book. It was then included in RCH  and MHB . It is a fine expression of Dodgshun’s Quaker pacifism, turning the normal demands of the love of one’s own country (‘O Fatherland we love’) into peaceful channels: The service of the commonwealth   Is not in arms alone; A nobler chivalry shall rise   Than war has ever known; Glad rivalries in arts of peace,   True ministries of life, Shall supersede the arts of war   And calm our feverish strife. The hymn is a strong...

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