What are these arrayed in white

What are these arrayed in white. Charles Wesley* (1707-1788).  This is from Hymns on the Lord’s Supper (Bristol, 1745), which appeared with the names of John and Charles Wesley. The hymns were preceded by ‘a Preface concerning The Christian Sacrament and Sacrifice. Extracted from Doctor Brevint.’ This was John Wesley*’s abbreviation of Daniel Brevint’s book of 1673. The third section was entitled ‘Concerning the Sacrament as it is a sign of present graces’: in 1745 this became ‘The Sacrament a Pledge of Heaven’. Paragraph 5 of Brevint’s work begins: ‘There remains yet another life, which is an absolute redemption from death and our miseries.’  Charles Wesley’s hymn is a most beautiful...

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