Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein

Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein. Paul Eber* (1511-1569). This hymn, entitled ‘Das Gebet Josaphat, II. Paralip. XX’ [the prayer of Jehoshaphat, 2 Chronicles 20] was first published in book form in Naw Betbüchlein, published by Matthes Stöckel at Dresden (1566). JJ gives an earlier broadsheet publication, ca. 1560 (p. 319). The hymn is based on a Latin poem by Eber’s teacher at Nürnberg, Joachim Kammermeister/Camerarius (1500-1574) beginning ‘In tenebris nostrae et densa caligine mentis’. This in turn is based on 2 Chronicles 20, especially verse 9: If when evil cometh upon us, as the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we stand before this house, and in thy presence (for thy name is...

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