We pray no more, made lowly wise

We pray no more, made lowly wise. Frederick Lucian Hosmer* (1840-1929).  Written in 1879, this was first printed in the Christian Register (Boston, 1879), entitled ‘The Larger Faith’. It was subsequently included in the First Edition of The Thought of God in Hymns and Poems (Boston, 1885), which Hosmer wrote with William Channing Gannett* (Hymnary.org notes a publication in Boston,1883, in Sacred Songs for Public Worship). It had five stanzas:  We pray no more, made lowly wise,  For miracle and sign,Anoint our eyes to see within  The common, the divine.  ‘Lo here! Lo there! No more we cry,  Dividing with our callThe mantle of thy presence, Lord,  That seamless covers all.  We turn from...

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