We come, O Christ, to you

We come, O Christ, to you. Margaret Clarkson* (1915-2008). Written in the ‘thee/thou form in 1946 at the request of Stacey Woods, the General Director of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Woods wanted ‘a theme hymn’ for the movement. This one was first sung at the IVCF’s first Missionary Convention at Toronto in December 1946, and published in Hymns (IVCF, 1947). Its origin is clear in stanza 5: ‘we bring our youth and strength’ to Christ (to those who know of Clarkson’s battle with ill health throughout her life, including her youth, this is a brave call with a sad background). Clarkson revised the hymn to the present ‘you’ form in 1984. It is her best known hymn, included in books...

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