We are living, we are dwelling

We are living, we are dwelling. Arthur Cleveland Coxe* (1818-1896) First published in the Second Edition of Coxe’s Athanasion. Athanasion (‘Athanasius-ism’ refers to St Athanasius of Alexandria, d. 373, a doughty opponent of Arianism) was originally (1840) ‘an ode pronounced before the Associate Alumni of Washington College, in Christ Church, Hartford, on the day before Commencement, 1840.’ The Second Edition (New York, 1842) had ‘notes and corrections’ together with ‘Several Poems, now first collected’, then described as ‘Miscellaneous Poems’, of which this was the first. It was entitled ‘Watchwords’. The Preface has a passage with a strong military element: When Athanasion was...

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