We are God’s people, the chosen of the Lord

We are God’s people, the chosen of the Lord. Bryan Jeffery Leech* (1931-2015). Published in Hymns for the Family of God (1976), of which Leech was one of the assistant editors. It is based on 1 Peter 2: 9, Ephesians 1: 22-23, and other New Testament texts. The tune, SYMPHONY, is adapted by Fred Bock* from the fourth movement (Adagio) of Brahms’ Symphony No 1. Paul A. Richardson* has commented ‘The use of classical melodies as hymn tunes was common in the 19th century. The present arrangement is one of the relatively few examples of such adaptations in the late 20th century’ (Handbook to the Baptist Hymnal, Nashville, Tennessee, 1992, p...

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