We are a garden walled around

We are a garden walled around. Isaac Watts* (1674-1748) From Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1707), Book I, ‘Collected from the Scriptures’ (Hymn LXXIV). It was entitled ‘The Church the Garden of Christ; Sol. Song 4. 12, 14, 15. and 5.1. It began We are a Garden wall’d around, Chosen and made peculiar Ground; A little Spot inclos’d by Grace Out of the World’s wide Wilderness. Like Trees of Myrrh and Spice we stand Planted by God the Father’s Hand; And all his Springs in Sion flow, To make the young Plantation grow. The Lord (the ‘Saviour-God’, to distinguish him from the Judge-God of Genesis) is invited into the garden, and the Christian virtues are displayed: Make our best Spices flow...

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