We all believe in One true God

We all believe in One true God. Tobias Clausnitzer* (1619-1684), translated by Catherine Winkworth* (1827-1878). This is Winkworth’s translation of Clausnitzer’s hymn for Trinity Sunday, ‘Wir glauben all' an einen Gott’*, made for The Chorale Book for England (1863). It is almost unknown in Britain, although a shortened version in four 4-line stanzas, was in CH3, made by ‘omitting the last two lines of each verse, and then taking those from the third and first and making them into a fourth stanza’ (John M. Barkley, Handbook to the Church Hymnary, Third Edition, 1979, p. 163). This commentary needs some elucidation. From the eighteen-line text in English (printed in the entry to ‘Wir...

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