Was mein Gott will, gescheh allzeit

Was mein Gott will, gescheh allzeit. Albrecht*, Count (Markgraf) of Brandenburg-Ansbach, Duke of Prussia (1490-1568). (‘Whatever God wills, let that happen always’). It is found in EG in the ‘Angst und Vertrauen’ section (EG 364). It was written in 1547 after the death of his first wife, Princess Dorothea of Denmark. It is found in Wackernagel, Das Deutsche Kirchenlied III. 1070-1, unattributed: Wackernagel prints two texts, one from Fünff Schöne Geistliche Lieder (Dresden, 1556), the other from a broadsheet printed by Friderich Gutknecht at Nürnberg in 1554. In a Copenhagen hymn-book of 1571, the first text is called ‘Des alten Churfürsten Marggraff Albrechts Lied’. Wackernagel had...

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