Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund

Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund. Johan Olof Wallin* (1779-1839). This is from the 1819 Svenska Psalm-Boken, the book that Wallin produced after the unsatisfactory attempt at a national hymnbook in 1811. According to Stulken (1981, p. 176), the translation in LBW was the work of the Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship, based on a version made by Ernest William Olson for the Hymnal (1901) of the Augustana Synod of the Lutheran Church. It began ‘All hail to you, O blessed morn’. It links the Christmas story with the Easter message in a traditional yet powerful way: ‘He will, like us, shed bitter tears… Struggling, suffering’. JRW Further Reading Marilyn Kay Stulken, Hymnal Companion to...

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