Tu Christe nostrum gaudium

Tu Christe nostrum gaudium.  Latin, 9th century or earlier. This is the second part of ‘Aeterne Rex altissime’*, the hymn for Ascensiontide cited by Gottschalk of Orbais in the 9th century, and in use throughout the middle ages, in (for example) the Dominican* and Cistercian* hymnals as well as in the Benedictine liturgy. In EH it is dated ‘c. 5th century’. The details in the entry on ‘Aeterne Rex altissime’ apply also to this hymn, with the exception that (according to the Historical Edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1909) it was ‘sung anciently at Lauds, after the earlier part had been sung at Evensong and Matins’ (p. 239): Tu Christe nostrum gaudium, manens Olympo praeditum, mundi...

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