Today I awake

Today I awake. John Lamberton Bell* (1949- ) and Graham Maule* (1958- ). From Love from Below (Wild Goose Songs 3) (1989). This begins ‘Today I awake/and God is before me’. It is a morning hymn in Trinitarian form, affirming Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with a final stanza on the Holy Trinity. It has something in common with the Celtic hymnody found in Carmina Gadelica*: see the ‘Morning Prayer’ quoted in that entry: Thanks be to Thee, Jesus Christ, Who brought’st me up from last night, To the gladsome light of this day… While preserving something of the Celtic tradition, ‘Today I awake’ sets the worship in singable form, sung to the tune SLITHERS OF GOLD, written by Bell for these...

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