To God who makes all lovely things

To God who makes all lovely things. John Macleod Campbell Crum* (1872-1958). First published in The Winchester Hymn Supplement (1922), after that in Songs of Praise for Boys and Girls (1929), and then in SofPE (1931). In SofPE it is in the section for children, but with the heading ‘Also for adults’, though its language and thought are more suitable for children (verse 6, for example, echoes ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’ by Ann and Jane Taylor*): He makes the sea that shines afar  With waves that dance unceasingly;And every single little star  That twinkles in the evening sky. The hymn runs through the seasons beautifully: celandines in March, buttercups in May, wheat growing and trees...

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