To-day, O Lord, a holier work

To-day, O Lord, a holier work. Charles Coffin* (1676-1749, translated by John Chandler* (1806-76). This is a translation of the hymn ‘Jam sanctius moves opus’, from the Paris Breviary of 1736, also found in Coffin’s Hymni Sacri (1736). In the Paris Breviary it was set for Fridays at Matins after Whitsuntide, and the First Edition of A&M followed the Breviary in printing it for Friday in the series for the days of the week, following the account of the creation in Genesis 1. The Latin hymn was printed in the ‘Hymni Ecclesiastici’ of Chandler’s Hymns of the Primitive Church (1837). Chandler translated it for the 1837 book, with the first line as ‘And now, O God, thy mind resolves’...

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