Thy holy wings, O Savior

Thy holy wings, O Savior. Lina Sandell-Berg* (1832-1903), translated by Ernest E. Ryden* and Gracia Grindal* (1943- ). Like Sandell-Berg’s beloved Swedish hymn, ‘Children of the Heavenly Father’*, this hymn (sometimes ‘Thy holy wings, dear Savior’) is also sung to a Swedish folk song, in this case, BRED DINA VIDA VINGAR. The relationship between this text and tune extends back to 1889 in a hymnal compiled in part by Sandell-Berg, Sionstoner (‘Melodies of Zion’). See Swedish hymnody*. The text was first included in Korsblomman (‘Cross Flower‘) in 1866 as ‘Children’s Evening Prayer.’ The text draws upon a number of biblical images. Psalm 91:4 inspires the opening two lines: ‘He shall cover...

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