These are the facts as we have received them

These are the facts as we have received them. Michael Saward* (1932-2015). Written on Trinity Sunday, 6 June 1971, as a alternative to the Book of Common Prayer ‘Easter Anthems’ (cf. David Mowbray*’s ‘Now lives the Lamb of God’*). At that time Saward was employed as the Church of England’s Radio and Television Officer, and working with others in providing new texts for Psalm Praise, published in 1973 with additional paraphrases and canticles. Norman Warren* composed a tune, later named YVONNE after his wife, which was printed with the text and is still sung to these words (e.g. in Sing Glory, 1999) and indeed other more recent ones. EPIPHANY HYMN is the named alternative. On publication,...

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