There’s a Stranger at the door

There’s a Stranger at the door. Jonathan Burtch Atchinson* (1840-1882). First published, after Atchinson’s death, in The Gospel Choir (New York, 1885), edited by Ira D. Sankey*. It had four stanzas: There’s a Stranger at the door,  Let Him in; He has been there oft before,  Let Him in; Let Him in, ere He is gone, Let Him in, the Holy One, Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son,  Let Him in. Open now to Him your heart,  Let Him in; If you wait He will depart,  Let Him in; Let Him in, He is your Friend; He your soul will sure defend, He will keep you to the end,  Let Him in. Hear you now His loving voice?  Let Him in; Now, oh, now make Him your choice,  Let Him in; He is standing at your door,...

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