Theodulf of Orleans

THEODULF of Orleans. b. Spain, ca. 760; d. Angers, France, 18 December 821. Theodulf was born and educated in Visigothic Spain. His flight to Francia was probably as a result of Moorish incursions; he was at the court of Charlemagne by the early 790s. An intimate of the court, Theodulf was made bishop of Orleans by Charlemagne c. 798 as well as being granted the abbacies of Fleury, Micy and Saint-Aignan, all in the neighbourhood of Orleans. Theodulf was involved in Frankish politics at the highest level. During the reign of Louis the Pious (814-840) he was disgraced, stripped of his titles, and exiled first to the monastery of St Aubin in Angers in 818 and then to Le Mans by 820. Theodulf...

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