The Son of God goes forth to war

The Son of God goes forth to war. Reginald Heber* (1783-1826). First published with the title ‘St Stephen’s Day’ in Heber’s Hymns written and adapted to the Weekly Church Service of the Year (1827) in eight 4-line stanzas, of which stanzas 3 and 4 refer specifically to the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 7), followed by other Christian martyrs: The Son of God goes forth to war  A kingly crown to gain;His blood-red banner streams afar:  Wh follows in his train?Who best can drink his cup of woe,  Triumphant over pain,Who patient bears his cross below,  He follows in his train. The martyr first, whose eagle eye  Could pierce beyond the grave;Who saw his Master in the sky,  And called on him to...

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