The Saviour’s precious blood

The Saviour’s precious blood.  Tai Jun Park* (1900-1986), translated by William Scott and Yung Oon Kim. This hymn, ‘Yu Yesu hul lin pi’, was written in May 1949. It was written for a Korean student, who was attending an international youth rally in India and who wanted a Korean hymn to take with him. It was then printed in Cantate Domino (1951), with the English translation by Dr Scott and Miss Kim, and with further translations in French and German. The first book in England to print it was BHB (1962), followed by the Methodist Supplement Hymns and Songs (1969) and Broadcast Praise (1981), although it was also included in the EACC Hymnal* of 1964. It was also found in WOV and HP. It is a...

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