The Saints of God! their conflict past

The Saints of God! their conflict past. William Dalrymple Maclagan* (1826-1910).  Written in 1869, this hymn was first published in a Church of England periodical, Church Bells (1870), and immediately afterwards in the SPCK Church Hymns (1871, Church Hymns with Tunes, 1874). It was included in the Second Edition of A&M (1875) as a hymn for All Saints’ Day. It had five stanzas:  The Saints of God! their conflict past,And life’s long battle won at last,No more they need the shield or sword,They cast them down before their Lord:   O happy Saints! for ever blest,   At Jesus’ feet how safe your rest!  The Saints of God! their wanderings done,No more their weary course they run,No more they...

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