The eternal gifts of Christ the King

The eternal gifts of Christ the King. Latin, possibly St Ambrose* (339/340-397), translated by John Mason Neale* (1818-1866). The Latin text, ‘Aeterna Christi munera’*, is found in two forms, one continuing ‘Et martyrum victorias’, the other ‘Et apostolorum victorias’ (see JJ, p.24). It is referred to by Bede*, and is possibly by St Ambrose. Neale’s translation of the ‘form for Apostles’ was first printed in The Hymnal Noted Part I (1851), and is much more widely used than the ‘form for Martyrs’ from the Hymnal Noted Part II (1854) beginning ‘The eternal gifts of Christ the King,/ The Martyrs’ glorious deeds we sing’. The ‘form for Apostles’ was in the First Edition of A&M, and...

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