That mystic word of Thine, O sovereign Lord

That mystic word of Thine, O sovereign Lord. Harriet Beecher Stowe* (1811-1896). Published in The Plymouth Collection of Hymns and Tunes (New York, 1855), edited by her brother, Henry Ward Beecher*, where it appeared in the ‘Praise, Joy, Conflict’ section. It was entitled ‘Abide in me’. It had six stanzas. Most books omit stanzas 3 and 4 of this text: 3. As some rare perfume in a vase of clay Pervades it with a fragrance not its own - So, when Thou dwellest in a mortal soul, All heaven’s own sweetness seems around it thrown. 4. The soul alone, like a neglected harp, Grows out of tune, and needs that Hand divine; Dwell Thou within it, tune and touch...

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